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Life can be overwhelming. Perhaps things are feeling too much right now, but you are telling yourself that you *should* be able to handle it. Maybe you are happy to support others, but struggle to give yourself permission to ask for help. 


You no longer have to do it alone. Together we can explore what is causing you difficulty, and find a way through.

I offer you a space to explore, express, and process what has brought you to therapy, supporting you to reconnect with yourself, with others, and with your life. I will help you to raise your awareness of your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours in the present moment, allowing you to look for new possibilities, and to be able to respond to life in a more balanced and choiceful way.

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I work with adults on an individual basis. These are some of the things that people bring to my practice. It is by no means an exhaustive list, and nothing is too small to bring to counselling if it is causing you difficulty or distress.

  • Feeling anxious

  • Feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or burnt out

  • Feeling stuck, trapped, or lost

  • Feeling low, sad, or depressed

  • Low confidence or low self-esteem

  • People-pleasing tendencies

  • Life changes or periods of change

  • Relationship difficulties; or difficulty connecting with others


I understand that finding the right counsellor for you can feel daunting. That's why I offer a free, no obligation 20-minute telephone call for us to meet one another and see whether it feels right. If you are ready to take this first step, then send me an email at I very much look forward to meeting you.

You can find out more about me and my approach, my fees and what happens next here: 

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Heather Robertson Counselling

Registered Counsellor and Member of BACP

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