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Why choose online counselling?


As well as face-to-face counselling in Belper, I also offer online counselling sessions via a video platform. Online sessions have many benefits:


Online counselling fits around your lifestyle. There's no need to travel, saving you time and planning. This makes online counselling well-suited to those with busy schedules.


You may live in, or often travel to, a different area (or even country), and online sessions offer a way to break down those geographical barriers to your preferred counsellor. With online sessions, you can access counselling wherever you are.  


Online counselling allows you to access counselling from the comfort of your own space. 


In my experience, online counselling allows for deep, moving & vibrant connection, just as with face-to-face counselling. Have you ever laughed or cried at a film or TV show? If so, you have experienced the powerful emotional connection that can be conveyed and received through a screen.*

For online sessions, you will need a strong and secure internet connection, and a device that has a camera (preferably a laptop or tablet, but mobile phones can also work if placed on a stable stand). 

It is important that you feel safe, secure and comfortable in your space, and that you feel confident that you will not be overheard, as this will enable you to engage in the session more fully.

*This useful and thought-provoking analogy is from Joyce & Sills (2018: 284). 

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